Hey guys. I just received the news. The Fast Stats Mod 1.2 Modification in GTA Inside has exceeded 400 downloads.

I will like to thank everyone who downloaded my mod and supported me throughout it’s development.

The mod also has 10 stars based on 10 votes.

So in conclusion. Fast Stats Mod had positive revenue and is now my highlight mod.

Thank You!!!!!!

P.S: The Cops are Cowards Mod is now released.




Fast Stats Mod Download

Cops Are Cowards Download



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New RickVictory2004

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Hey Guys I just edited the Hotring Racecar and I added the “RickRage” banner on it.


This RickVictory will be included in the PC Revamp and I will also change its handling stats to the best car in the world.

I’m hoping to make a convertible RickVictory but I don’t have enough skillRickVictory2004

Fast Stats Mod on GTA Garage

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Hey guys, the fast stats mod is now on GTA Garage instead of GTA Inside but don’t worry you can still find my mod on GTA Inside.

Fast Stats Mod on GTA Garage Link

Beta RickVictory2004

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Beta RickVictory2004This is a crappy looking car, but this is why it’s called a beta.

I might add new texture to the outside of the turismo or the interior.

I will also edit the turismo’s handling, speed and popularity too.


gta fast stats mod

 New video you guys can watch

Download Link

New Bike (Revamp Update)

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New Update that adds a new bike that replaces the well notable Sanchez.

It is a good bike and is even better in many ways

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Update for RickRage Revamp

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Hoodie Back

Hoody                                                                                                       I recently just made progress on my new mod and so far so good.

Features Include:
New Loading Screen.
A Special Hoody that says my name and all my mods.
New background in horseracing.

GTA SA: RickRage Revamp Mod

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Hey guys this post is to inform you guys about a new mod where I will totally revamp GTA SA and it is going to include all my mods and mods underway. There will also be a car that replaces the turismo called the RickVictory2004.

also a quick note that the Cops are Cowards mod is nearly complete and is in debugging stage.

If you need more info about my mods Email me

Email:  rickrage1234@gmail.com


GTA SA: Cops are Cowards Mod

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I am currently working on a mod which allows cops in GTA SA to be weaker and cowards. Mod is nearly done and may be released in a weeks time.

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/rickrage1234?ref=hl

Fast Stats Mod: http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?do=detail&cat=124&start=&orderBy=&id=62367